Thursday, August 20, 2009

1 yr Well Check

Today I took Peyton to her one year well check. It was good times, really it was. Everyone loved her and she was hamming it up. Well, she wasn't too fond of the male resident that came to visit her with her doctor. I don't know why, but she cries when men approach her that she doesn't know. That's perfectly okay with me! I'm not fond of strange men either unless they look like Heath Ledger, Justin Timberlake, Will Smith and the list goes on. JK LOL BRB... But, if she initiates the "conversation" with a guy she's completely fine. ::shrugs shoulders::

Here's her stats:

Length: 30 inches 75%

Weight: 20lbs 1.5 ounces 50% This one really surprised me. I though she was at least 22 pounds.

I don't remember her hear circumference, but it's still big, but the doctor said not too big. ha. :) It's only something to be concerned about if it starts growing really big at a rapid rate.

She had to get 3 shots, and she cried, and then "said" something to the nurses. The babble she was speaking most likely was, "why'd you do that? You hurt me". She had such concern in her little voice. She was fine as soon as we walked down the hallway and she saw pictures of animals, which she called "haha". It reminds me of when Kayley used to call flowers "yaya".

She's right on track, even a little ahead in language. The doctor said she looks great. :) I LOVE Peyton's pediatrician!

So there you case you were curious, but mostly for me to document. :)

Did I ever tell you about the time we dressed up as cows for a free Chik fil a meal? We did, and it was embarrassing, but great. You can't beat free food! Tomorrow I'll post more pictures of our vacation.



hillary said...

haha cory's face. and socks dangling from his head. embarrassing indeed.

erica said...

that is so funny! i thought about doing that... but that's as far as we got... just thinking about dressing like cows! ha!

Ash said...

Omg! That is Awesome! At least your husband is willing to be a dork for funnzies. Derek won't unless I reasure him it will be fun ;) I can't wait to take Jordan for her 1 year check up.

kimberlysayre said...

It wasn't for funzies; it was for for free food! :)