Sunday, July 5, 2009

An 11 month old baby!!!!!!


Can you believe it?!? Next month my baby will be ONE! Wow!!

She is talking so much, I think. Well, at least trying to. Her latest words are "baby", "uh oh" "bye" and "no". Today at the zoo it sounded like she was trying to repeat the word "monkey", and she also tried saying "out" when Cory was telling Dig to get out of her room. She's a genius. :) Though she doesn't say "Peyton" as much as she used to. Now when she looks in the mirror or at pictures of herself she says "da da". She is a little stinker, but thankfully she doesn't have full blown tantrums. She definitely responds to Cory's firm voice more than mine. She loves to fake laugh/forced laugh, and its so adorable! Everyday is more fun than the last. She is standing by herself more frequently and for longer periods of time, but she still hasn't mastered it yet. She is still toothless, and I love it. :) I'm pretty sure we'll be seeing teeth this month though! I can't really think of anything else that is new from last months update. So I'll just move on to pictures from the zoo!


We went an hour before the zoo closed so there was like 4 families there, and the splash pad was completely empty. Usually when we go there are kids running all over the place, so she doesn't have a chance to play in the water. We weren't prepared, but we wanted to see how she reacted to the water. She was a little cautios at first, but after a couple minutes she was crawling all over the place chasing the water. It was so funny because every time she left a spout water would shoot out, so she would turn around and go back to it, but then it was coming out of another hole. Does that make sense?




This is when we brought her over the the higher spouts and we were afraid they were going to shoot up in her face, so Cory was trying to block it. It was never a problem though.


Naked baby. Good thing is was so warm because her sippy cup leaked in her bag, and got her spare onesie wet. Isn't she the cutest!


Today is my nephew's 6th birthday! Happy birthday, Gaven! I love you!!


Oh, and I'll post the 4th of July pictures soon, I promise. We had a ton of fun!


erica said...

she is a doll! i can't believe her bday is so soon!! do you have a big extravaganza planned??

Haiza said...

almost 1 and I have yet to meet this genius child. sad :( .
Happy Birthday to Gaven. He's 6, WOW!

Ash said...

So cute! She is looking more and more like daddy ;)

kimberlysayre said...

We'll be in California! Yay! Can't get any more extravagant than that. :) We're having a luau/pool party at my parents house for her. :)