Wednesday, July 22, 2009

It's my birthday

Really 26, really?!? How did that happen? I decided to spend my birthday traveling across the country. Peyton and I are flying to Idaho in a few hours. Our travel time is 9 hours with 3 stops. I'm really, really dreading the flight(s). I don't know if we ever actually get off the plane because I didn't see where my layovers were. If we do have to make 3 plane changes it is not going to be fun hauling, and setting up Peyton's carseat. I'm thankful that the airport isn't far from our house, and the Boise airport isn't far from my mom's house. Pray for us! I'm hoping Peyton will sleep for a good chunk of the flight since we'll be flying mostly at night, and her afternoon nap will be skipped. I'm loaded with snacks galore, B.E., Blue's Clues, and Praise Baby videos. We bought Peyton a portable dvd player for her birthday, but it's really more of a birthday present to me. :) Hopefully the movies will keep her occupied and happy. ::sigh:: Wow, I really am not looking forward to this flight, not to mention the 17 hour car ride we'll be making to Cali in a week. It is going to be worth it though! Maybe Peyton will be a total champ and love every minute of being in her car seat! I need to bake myself a cake, top it with a million candles, and make that my birthday wish. I'll try to blog while I'm away because I was always waiting for an update from Steph while she was on vacation. I'm sure you all want to see what Peyton is up to. I've been slacking on the picture taking. sorry. I need to charge my battery. I'll be back at it soon. Okay, now go to your prayer closets and pray for us! :)

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cory said...

im glad you mad eit safe and sound. i prayed for you alot. did you make any new friends on the flight?