Tuesday, July 14, 2009

10 on tuesday!

1. Peyton's birthday presents from her GG and Grampy. (cory's parent)

Now she may look like she is completely bored on this swing, but she LOVES it. As soon as we start unbuckling her the tears come.


She also LOVES this car they bought her.


The tears come when we stop pushing. Oh toddler-hood...


2. Peyton is coming close to walking. She one hand cruises everywhere. She walks while holding one finger, but has soon as you let go she either lunges towards you or drops to her knees.

3. One of my favorite things about Alabama is the thunderstorms, and we haven't had many. It finally stormed Sunday night, and for most of the day yesterday. Yay! We really needed the rain.

4. Happy birthday, Daniel.

5. I tried to get a picture of Peyton's tooth, but she wasn't having it. She looks so funny. I hope the other front tooth comes in soon.

6. I have seen like 10 people ride by on bikes today, mostly kids. I don't know how they are standing the heat.

7. Is it possible to potty train an 11 month old? I'm done changing diapers. ha.

8. Our church is going back to one service on Sunday  mornings. I'm bummed. First service worked out really well for us, and Peyton's naps.

9. I really want a Pepsi.

10. Cory started putting in the laminate flooring on Sunday. The hall is almost done. :)



erica said...

i really want a pepsi too. unfortunately, i am attempting to quit soda (except for 1 day a week). blast.

you will love the laminate!

hillary said...

we have that little car at work.

Ash said...

Yay for the floor! I wanna see pictures.

Julie Sayre said...

cory finally took the plunge I knew he could do it!! where did you all put the swing she seems pretty content to bad if its not in the house you could just leave her

Daniel said...

Yay! Thanks for the birthday shout out! I feel famous

kimberlysayre said...

I put the swing on the beam outside of the car port.

steph said...

Looks like she's having fun! I love watching her do whatever but I'm very excited to see her in real life!