Tuesday, July 21, 2009

ten on tuesday!

1. Peyton will be a year old in fifteen days. I didn't think I would get emotional about it, but yesterday I made a video of her first year in pictures and it made me tear up.

2. Tantrums are becoming more frequent, but they never last longer than 30 seconds.

3. Tomorrow is my birthday.

4. Peyton and I are flying to Idaho tomorrow, and I really need to start packing.

5. Happy birthday to Tyler, my brother-in-law.

6. I painted our bedroom last Saturday. Goodbye orange room.

7. I mailed  out half of Peyton's birthday invitations yesterday. I ran out of envelopes, so the next half will go in the mail tomorrow. I'm not giving people much notice, but the less the merrier, right?

8. Yesterday all I ate was oreos.

9. Last week I wanted a Pepsi. Today I could really go for a Dr. Pepper.

10. This is an out take from the pictures I was trying to take for her b-day invitation. Well, all the pictures pretty much stunk. She did not want any part of it.



Krista said...

For a minute I thought you were talking about Tyler Batten, and I was like, he's not your bro-in-law and it's not his b-day! Then I realized you were talking about Cory.

Are you going to show the video at her party? I want to see it it! I want to see her. She looks cute in that picture. Love the chubby little legs!

Ash said...

OMGoodness! That is soooooo cute!

steph said...

She's looking a little risque with those bikini bottoms on. The party will be fabulous! I think you gave plenty of notice. Two weeks is fine.