Tuesday, January 11, 2011

ten on tuesday

1. I haven't been blogging for a few days because I found out that someone from Brazil had been stealing pictures of Peyton and using them for their Orkut site. Seeing your child's face on someone else's social networking site if very disturbing! I wasn't sure what I was going to do with my blog. I debated making it private, and even deleting it. I really like the blogging community. I enjoy reading others' blogs, and it's always fun to see that I have new readers that don't know me in real life. So for now I've decided to keep my blog public. I've disabled right clicking ability, so hopefully people will get the idea that I am not okay with image stealing. I take the pictures, they are of my friends, and family, and NO ONE has the right to take them from my blog. They are mine. It is stealing. 

And for my Brazilian not friend:

Vocês não são bem-vindos! Tire suas próprias imagens de seus próprios filhos, eparar de fingir que sabe os filhos que você talo e roubar fotos de. É errado, e você éestranho. Vou continuar a procurar por fotos dos meus filhos no orkut. Mantenha-osfora, e deixar de vir ao meu blog

2. Not ever supplementing with a bottle is hard especially when you have an angry baby because he isn't getting enough. So, thanks for the advice on only nursing to get my supply up, pedi, but I'm going to have to pass. Thankfully I've been able to pump enough for a full bottle before I go to bed, and Noah usually only needs one the next day. So even though I don't have a freezer stash I am maintaing his needs. Nursing a baby is stressful. At least I get a little help with feeding:

"Noah is so thirsty. He is so hungry."

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3. I probably shouldn't leave the room when I have a bottle ready for Noah sitting in Peyton's reach. :)

4. Our little city hates to have fun weather. It seems like we're the only city in the state that doesn't have snow. All we got was like 2 minutes of snow flurries, sleet, and frozen rain. We don't get a lot of good thunderstorms in the summer either. We have like a forcefield around us or something.

5. I hate Star Wars.

6. The Bachelor started last week. Anyone watching?

7. Noah is officially in Peyton's room, well their room. I took down the pack in play in our room. It's nice to have that gone. Cory gets nervous every night, but Peyton has yet to wake up from Noah's crying. 

8. Its crazy that stores put out their spring line in January. Target already has their bathing suits out. 

9. I am happy that we are working our way up in more daylight. I miss the long summer days. I do not miss the bugs and humidity though.

10. I've been keeping up with my photo a day project (its a clickable link). I know it hasn't even been two weeks, but I'm hopeful. :) 


Steph said...

1. Wow, Kim. That is so not ok. Leave Kim's pictures alone, Brazilian picture stealer!

2. Sorry it's hard.

3. So cute that she was helping!

4. A forcefield, ha!

5. I don't love it either.

6. Nope.

7. She's a good sleeper!

8. We had bathing suits out during Christmas, too!

9. Me, too (minus the comment about the bugs).

10. I love that you're doing this!

hwilson718 said...

Okay now I'm worried about my pictures. They aren't as professional looking as yours but still it worries me. How did you find out? and how do I disable my right click on pictures?

Haiza Martinez said...

1 - I love that you through in the Portuguese to make sure they get the point.

5 - Same here

6 - I am but I don't know how I feel about it yet.

8 - I was thinking that too. I mean should I really be thinking about the beach when it's cold outside? No wonder people get depressed in the winter. lol

10 - I love looking at the pics every day. Thanks for sharing them with us all.

CORY said...

5. I hate Star Wars.

6. The Bachelor started last week. Anyone watching?


Peyton's Pages said...

Then maybe you should go marry a boy.

Holly said...

At least you had another non-loving Star Wars viewer there! It's easier to watch when I know someone else in the room is not a fan. haha! And thanks for the reminder of The Bachelor...I'll be huluing.

Yeah, Cory, go call Daniel to talk about elves or something.

And you get those Brazilian creepers, Kim!

cory said...

maybe i will.

Daniel said...

You guys say you hate Star Wars and then say that you're going to watch The Bachelor!?

Awesome space adventure > scripted "reality"

CORY said...

Cory )=*HIGHFIVE*=( Daniel

Peyton's Pages said...

Pretend space adventure with totally cheesy characters that kiss on their siblings.

Daniel said...


Haiza Martinez said...

I love that is says "NOPE!" when you try to right click.

The Stachurskis said...

ha ha ha! I love this comment thread! So awesome. I hate Star Wars too, just thought I'd throw that out there. Bachelor isn't on my top 10 either, especially this one.

How stinkin creepy is that?!?! (Brazilian lurker/picture snagger person) Not cool, not cool at all. I'm with Heather though, how'd you find out? AND how are you protecting your pictures now?

Hillary said...

I am a girl, and I like Star Wars. Just the old ones though. So maybe I'll go marry myself.

High-fiving a million angels right now.