Thursday, January 6, 2011

Just Big Headed

Noah had his head u/s this morning. Everything checked out normal!! So thankful for that! I was really surprised with how quickly we were in and out. Registration was easy peasy, and we weren't in the waiting room for more than 15 minutes. Peyton was in toy heaven. There were a ton of wagons, ride on/in cars, play houses, and plastic jungle gyms. She threw a very lovely fit when we had to leave, and then threw another lovely fit when we had to leave the u/s room because she didn't get to finish watching Mickey Mouse. Very fun times! ::sigh:: She's been such a peach with her new found love for screaming, and hitting when she she is asked to do something she doesn't want to do. Then she will find a wall and sit down and say she wants a timeout. Nice... 

Anyway, after we left the children's hospital we headed to the Botanical Gardens. I needed some fresh air, and walk out my stress. :)

Peyton is very into balancing and walking on anything that is a little higher than the ground. Does that make sense? You know, like the edge of a curb or something. She also loves to climb and stand on everything, and pick up every stick she sees. It took us an hour to walk one path that would take someone without kids probably 10 minutes. 

Little duder watching Peyton climb on rocks. 

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So proud to be sitting on a big rock. 

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So thankful that both my babies are healthy. It's been a good day, tantrums and all. 

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Precious pictures!