Friday, January 14, 2011

Oh, Peyton

Last night we headed to Target because I heard that they had some toys on clearance for 75% off. The scooter I was hoping to get Peyton was still only marked down 30%, so we passed on it. We didn't leave empty handed though. :) We got my nephews Iron Man legos for 5 dollars, and flip trick bikes for $2.50. Peyton got a littlest pet shop fish for a dollar. And Noah got a Thomas the train track thing for $10. He'll either be getting that for his birthday or next Christmas. We also got him a Playschool gears toy that was $3.75. He will mostly likely be getting that for Easter. I wish I would have picked up a couple more things for Peyton's birthday. Because who wants to pay full price for something when you know that they are going to be pulling out these kind of deals?

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But that's not the point of this blog post. The point is that Peyton has hit the milestone of saying embarrassing things in public. We let her walk in Target, and she was very happy about it. She kept pointing things out, "Look at that. Look at that". I was happy that she was loving Target as much as I was. :) Until we passed the bras. "Look at that. Those are for boobies". ::insert laugher from me and Cory here:: Which would have been fine if the ladies in the clothing department were laughing as well, but they just stared at us. 

Just keep swimming, just keep swimming.

While in the toy aisle she declared, "I have the runny boogers coming out of my nose". Niiicce. 

After Target we went to Chick -fil- a for dinner. I thought it would be a good idea to let Peyton burn some energy in the play place. She has been trying to climb on every thing at home. At the table she counted to ten in Spanish for me while Cory was getting our food. When he came back I asked her to count for him, and she said, "You're driving me nervous". ha. It's her own little combo of driving me nuts, and making me nervous. I always tell her she is making me nervous when she is trying to climb on the back of the futon, and I tell Daragan she is driving me nuts all day long. While in the play place Peyton kept calling the other kids baby. Not like a baby baby, but... "Hey, bebeh. Where are you, bebeh? I'm right her, bebeh. Come and get me, bebeh". I tried telling her to ask the kids' names, but she insisted on calling them "bebeh". Leaving was reaaallly fun. I knew she would throw a fit. So when I told her it was time to go she ran to climb up the stairs again, and I grabbed her. She screamed. I ignored her, and put her boots back on. She was so angry she was shaking, and she kept going in for a bite, but would stop herself. I didn't mind the looks. I know they have all gone through something similar. I was telling myself that, anyway. I was actually pleased with her self control of not biting me. I didn't give her a cookie for it, but I smiled in my head. 

This morning post breakfast bagel, pre cleanup. 

"I'm falling off the treasure chestes".

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Anonymous said...

So many things about this post made me laugh, but I think the best two were Peyton talking about bras being for boobies (why those ladies didn't laugh, I don't know, because I fully would have laughed, even if I were a stranger), and that she is calling every little kid bebeh. Haha. Funny, funny girl.

Sometimes Peyton reminds me so much of Charisse. Charisse went through this phase where she would clench her fists by her sides and her entire body would tremble when she got really mad or frustrated. She never had falling-down-kicking-and-screaming tantrums, just this crazy shaking. I think as Peyton gets older and has more words to express her emotions, it will pass because now Charisse will tell us, "I am very upset and I need to be by myself for a minute." She goes into her room, calms down, and comes out.

Steph said...

High five for bargain shopping early!

I don't know why those ladies didn't laugh either. That's hilarious!

Good for her, not biting when she was mad. Kayley used to poop her pants when she was mad. Considered yourself blessed. Ha.

Haiza Martinez said...

This post was stupendous!

Sales are always nice and Target is the greatest! Always makes for a fun time.

If heard any kid say that I would have died laughing. Peyton sounds hilarious and I wish you guys lived close cause I'd want to hang out with her all the time. lol

Go Peyton for not biting! Go Kim for not beating her up. HAHAH!!! Okay a little dramatic but hey, I have no patience some times ;-)

Hillary said...

Funny Peyton. You're driving me nervous. Probably will start using that one myself.

The Stachurskis said...

Oh my word Peyton! Hilarious! I absolutely love the things that she says. So awesome!