Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Noah is 4 months old.

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Noah turned 4 months old on the 1st. Today he had his well check. He is in the 97 percentile for weight at 18 lbs 1 1/2 ounces. The little paper with his stats is in the car, and I didn't even look to see how long he is, but I do know that he is in the 90th percentile for height. His head is in the 90th percentile as well. He is having to have a head u/s on Thursday because it has grown so much. I'm not too worried, but it's never fun to have to take your child to get tests that could indicate something is wrong. 

We were given the go ahead to start rice cereal, but was advised to wait until my milk supply increases a little bit. For now solid food is just for fun, and won't really give any nutritional value to his diet. We've been giving him bottles a lot more, and my supply has taken a hit. Once I get that up we're going to start solids. Fun times.

He hasn't really reached any new milestones. No rolling over, he only did that for about a week around a month old. He does have good muscle tone though, so it's only a matter of time. Actually I can sometimes get him to giggle when I kiss his cheek, and neck while tickling him with my chin on his chest... if that makes any sense. 

I was also advised to stop giving him his pacifier in the middle of the night, and let him work it out. Did I mention that he stopped sleeping through the night right after I posted about him doing so? The past 2 nights have been horrible. He has been waking up ever hour, and his naps are the same way. BOO! His poor little legs are sore from his shots, so we aren't going to let him CIO just yet. Plus he might be eating around the clock while I get my supply back up. I really hope that doesn't take long! 

Even though his sleeping hasn't been super great he is just the most easy going little dude ever. He has such a sweet demeanor, and I love him to pieces. 


Steph said...

I love your son. I wish to hold him. Wow, I can't beleive its been four months already!

The Stachurskis said...

Seriously 4 months? Where in the world does the time go? He's such a cute little chunker I love it! I want to squeeze him! Maybe a little nibble here and there too. :) I'm sorry he's not being a cooperative sleeper. I'm still working on Hunter and Zach! This new one Zach isn't allowed to touch. Then maybe he'll listen to me once "my child" is sleeping and his isn't. HA!