Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Becoming A Park Pro

Sorry I've been a blog slacker. I just don't have anything exciting to write about. Our days are pretty much the same every day. I figured you've seen enough pictures of Peyton playing in her pool, eating popsicles and painting. 

We try to go to the park a few times a week to walk on the trail, and then we stop at the playground for Peyton to play. Peyton is getting braver each time we go. She's becoming a pro at climbing the stairs and going down the slides by herself. She loves the tunnels, and jumping on the bridge. She still has attempted to climb the ladders, which I'm thankful for because we all know I'm a gasper. 

Her feet really aren't as big as they look in this picture. Her shoes are at least a half size too big. I also never thought my child would wear such ugly shoes, but let me tell you, they are fantastic. They have foam bottoms and mesh sides so she can wear them in the water, and they have a closed toe, so I don't have to worry about her stubbing her toes, plus they are open on the sides and back allowing her feet to breathe. Ugly true, but oh so practical. I just thought I would throw that out there. 

Cory and I cracked up the first time she stuck her face in the tunnel holes. She looked so adorable. I'm telling you, it's 10x cuter in person.

A sweaty head = cute curls in the back.

Please excuse the one sided bulging diaper. It always happens when we go to the park. I guess the climbing and sliding push it to the side. 


It was actually her idea to leave. She wanted to get water. She is so tall!


Steph said...

I love her sweaty head. She seems very sure on her feet. I cannot believe she's almost two!

Anonymous said...

i love her ugly shoes. such a little mountain woman. love her bulgy diaper too. byebye bulge beneath my dress.

The Stachurskis said...

She's almost two! ahh! Where does the time go? I love to see her playing. She is so confident with herself it's great. Those shoes look great, they're not THAT ugly! ha ha ha! They do look very practicl and comfy, something I should look for for Hunter.`

Peyton's Pages said...

Thanks for liking her ugly shoes. :) I got them at Old Navy incase you really are interested, Lindz. They beat crocs in my book. :)