Tuesday, June 1, 2010

10 on tuesday!

1. Cory's cousin got married this past weekend in Clearwater, Fl. We left at 8:30 pm to make the 10 drive down there on Wednesday night, and got back last night. The wedding was beautiful, seeing old friends was good, we had fun at the pool and beach, and Peyton was an excellent traveler!

2. I attempted 3 photo shoots with Peyton while were at the beach, and I'm pretty disappointed in all of them. :(

I had such high hopes for this tutu bathing suit.

Not all of the images were a bust. I do like this one, and there are a few more good ones from this night, and some good ones of Peyton and Cory's dad the night of the wedding.

3. Daragan is still at the kennel. Cory is going to pick her up on his way home from work. It seems a little strange not having her  in the house, but it's nice  not having to deal with her.

4. Did I tell you that we got Peyton two fish last week? The really little one died the first night we got it; he was sucked up into the filter. We thought for sure we'd come home to another dead fish, but it's still alive! It's name is Ponyo.

5. Today is going to be a day of unpacking and doing laundry.

6. Peyton and I are going to Idaho next month. It will probably be the last time I travel without Cory. I can't imagine flying with a toddler and a newborn, though I have seen it done. I guess we'll wait and see what kind of baby the little guy is before I ban flying without Cory.

7. Peyton has been obsessed with seeing airplanes since we went to Cali last month. She points them all out and screams, "airplane. you see it?".

8. I can't believe it's June already! April and May flew by.

9. What day is Father's Day?

10. Oh, I almost forgot to mention the sandcastle Cory, Tyler, Caroline and I built. It was very serious business. Of course there was no trace of our hard work the next morning.


Krista said...

1. Yay for her being a good traveler!
2. It looks like she was sleepy for the tutu suit pic.
3. I totally know the feeling. I love Baytor, Tommy, and Chloe, but I LOVE when they go to the groomer and there's no one in my face for three hours.
4. So sad for Freddie, he just doesn't know what to do. And also, Ponyo. Hah. Loves it.
5. The total worst part of coming home from a trip. It took me FOR. EV. ER. to unpack when I came home the 'bama.
6. Yay for ID, and yay for it getting closer to when you're a mama of two kids!
7. That picture is hilarious.
8. I know. I was looking at the calendar on my phone today and I thought to myself, "Holy crazap, how is this year nearly halfway over?!" It just seems like it was Christmas!
9. I think it's... whatever the Sunday after the 17th is. So the 19th? That Sunday. I only know because Ryan, Mel, and Charisse will be in Africa so we're doing it the weekend before.
10. I love it! I wish the weather out here had been nice enough to go build that fabby fab of a sand castle!

steph said...

I love her in that little frilly orange thang.

Father's day is the 20th. Close Krista, but no cigar.

I'm praying for a very cooperative baby so I can see you before he's too big!

Hillary said...

when are you going to idaho?

cory said...

shes going for the fourth of july