Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Since I didn't Do It Yesterday

1. Krista will be here in a few hours! Yay! 

2. Last Saturday I had the pleasure of photographing these cute little guys.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

3. I'm just ready for it to be done with. Don't you love vague statements. :)

4. Yesterday a couple came by and the lady gave me a sob story about how our house used to be her inlaw's house, and she was wondering if we would be interested in leasing to buy for them. No thanks. I don't think this used to be your inlaw's house, and I'm a little worried that you're not going to pay rent. If the house you're selling is closing on the 3rd why not just buy our house instead of leasing first... you know, if you're that sentimentally attached...

5. Finding something to wear to a wedding is not fun when you're packing 20 lbs more than you were last year.

6. I really need to realize that my "just one more, and then I won't eat another forever!" doesn't work.

7. Cory tore down our little fence, and put up an electric one for daragan. It is fantastic. It actually feels like we have a backyard now.

8. Thinking about maybe heading to Cali for Thanksgiving after all. I'm not sure though. Maybe if I can schedule a few photo shoots...

9. Cold nights mean fires outside! If Peyton looks completely exhausted it's because she is. She decided she didn't need a nap that day.

GG (cory's mom) and Peyton

10. Noah and his Grampy (cory's dad).


Steph said...

1. Jealous, very jealous.
2. Those came out great!
3. Oh vague statements.
4. That's so lame. Did they actually think it would work?
5. Go with a mu mu.
6. I always think that about hershey's kisses. It doesn't work for me either.
7. Cool beans.
8. I would love that! I could probably help set up a couple of shoots for you.
9. Fun!
10. That little guy is so round and cute!

Krista said...

1. Yay! I can't wait. I'll be boarding my last flight in less than an hour.

2. Those kids are all super cute.

3. I'm pretty sure you need to tell me what this means when I get to your house.

4. Wow. Good thing you were raised mostly in California and therefore know that you can't always trust people. What shady business!

5. Boo. That's how I felt about being in Rachel's wedding. Maybe we can go shopping and find you something.

6. Oh girl, all rules regarding food are out the window this week.

7. You electrocute your dog? Paging PETA!

8. Hooray! I hope this happens!

9. I hope the nights are cold so we can roast a mallow.

10. I love this picture.

The end.