Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Ten on Tuesday!

1. I'm not looking forward to taking both kids to my doctor's appointment. It's always fun having to wake up Peyton really early, so that I can take Cory to work, and then having to entertain her for hours in a boring waiting room. It makes for some good, stress free times, and hooray for adding a newborn into that mix... Hopefully my doctor won't have to deliver any babies, and all her appointments are on time, and we can get out quickly.

2. Noah rolled over from tummy to back 2 times yesterday. 

3. Noah also slept two 4 hour stretches last night. It was great. 

4. I passed on my love/hate relationship for Daragan on to Peyton. One minute she is telling Daragan to leave her alone and get out of her face, and the next she is running around and playing with her.

5. Beauty and the Beast is being released from the vault today. It's one of my favorites.

6. Peyton thinks all red cars are Lightening Mcqueen.

7. There was a dead cockroach on our patio, and Peyton said he was laying down, and he was so cute. I told her he was not so cute, so she then said he was disgusting, and ants were so cute. She loves to say everything is so cute. 

8. I'm hoping the last few cold nights have killed all the creepy crawlers. The worst part about living in the south is the bugs.

9. How does one tiny person add so much laundry? I feel like I am constantly doing laundry.

10. I love that Noah takes a pacifier. It's so easy to just pop it in his mouth when he is fussy. Peyton never took a pacifier, so if she was fussy we had to bounce and walk... 


Krista said...

1. That doesn't sound like fun. I hope it's a speedy trip.

2. Wow. Is that early, or normal?

3. Yay! Hopefully you're more well-rested today.

4. Oh, fickle dog-love.

5. Mine, too, because it really got Celine Dion's name out there (she sings the theme song).

6. I love that she still loves Cars.

7. This just made me laugh out loud. Peyton is cute.

8. Well, there goes my romanticizing of the south.

9. Two words: poop and spitup.

10. That's great. Just don't let him be one of those five year olds with one. (Not that I'm worried about that.)

Hillary said...

I love the one about Peyton and the cockroach. Haha. Everything is so cute.

candace said...

ha i love that she likes to call things cute and that she has a love/hate relationship with daragan. sooo cute.

Steph said...

Hope the dr. appointment goes well. Maybe the baby will sleep the whole time. Gross about the cockroach and hooray for him taking a pooty!