Tuesday, July 27, 2010

ten on tuesday!

1. We painted our kitchen. It's not the color I envisioned, but it's growing on me. 

2. Peyton is a closet baby liker. I walked into the playroom and she was giving a doll a kiss. I said, "aww... that's so sweet. Is that your baby?" She looked at me, and then threw the doll on the floor. ha.

3. Potty training is going ok. Somedays she does great, and then other days are very frustrating. Yesterday the only time she had an accident was when we went on a walk and she was sitting in her car. She always seems to pee in her car seat. I'm getting tired of washing her cover. Her accidents usually happen when she is sitting down for longer than 5 minutes... or when she is laying on Hillary's bed. 

4. Hillary came to visit last weekend. It was great having her here. I wish we all lived in the same place, or at least were able to vacation together once a year. 

5. I wanted to get some pictures of Hillary and Peyton at the Botanical Gardens, but we got attacked by mosquitoes. I think I got like three bites, Peyton got a couple and Hillary got about a hundred. Sorry, Hillary! The pictures I did get aren't the best, and the color is all over the place, but they captured our very short time there. 

Heading into the Alabama woods. They both look a little nervous about it. 

Oh, Hillary's got this. Peyton is still looking a little uncertain.

Checking to make sure Peyton is ok.

Getting dusted off after tripping over a root.

Hillary discovers her first mosquito attack. 

Chatting about their morning. Peyton talked to Hillary non stopped in the car.

some hugs

another hug

6. Wachovia's online banking is driving me nuts. They just need to hurry up and make the Wells Fargo switch.

7. It is way too hot. It wouldn't be so bad if I had more than a toddler pool to lounge in. It's not even really a pool...

8. Cory hung some shelves for me, so now I love him forever and ever. It was our deal. :)

9. I suck at painting. I don't know why, but the paint always peels off the wall when I remove the tape. What gives? See above the crown molding? I don't even remember what color we painted our ceiling, and I can't find the paint chip, so i don't know how I'm going to retouch it. ::sigh:: I really don't want to have to paint the entire ceiling.

10. Yesterday I moved our pictures off our computer onto our external hard drive. Is it really necessary to have over 3,000 pictures in less than a year?


Steph said...

I love all the pictures of Hillary and Peyton. What color did you paint the kitchen?

Peyton's Pages said...

Blue. The picture of the shelves is the "dining room" part.

Krista said...

1. I like the color. It's very tranquil.

2. I actually laughed out loud when I read this. I can just picture it happening.

3. Yeah, that's how it was with Charisse. And then one day she just got it.

4. I'm glad she came and I wish we all lived in the same place, or had more money so we could see each other more often.

5. I love these pictures, but let me just say that when you typed "...but we got attacked by mosquitoes. I think I got like three bites, Peyton got a couple and Hillary got about a hundred," you could just take out Hillary's name and put mine there and it's my vacation all over again. Love the pictures! Hillary is her favorite.

6. I think the switch went really well.

7. It probably wouldn't be so bad if you weren't like eight months pregnant, either.

8. You and Cory make the best deals.

9. It's hard not to have the paint peel. My walls look like that in a few places, but since my room is a lighter color it's not as noticeable.

10. Yes, it is. Because your child is adorable. Can you imagine when Baby comes?

hwilson718 said...

Way to go Peyton on the potty training! Addie showed interest last summer and did good for a couple of weeks and then she went back to diapers UGH!!! so frustrating. She is now potty trained 11 months later :)

Hillary said...

Love the pictures. Still itching all over though. The price you pay for memories. I'm glad I got to visit, it was lots of fun for me to see you guys and be bossed around by Peyton. "Want to hug in the car?"

Candace said...

Peyton is super cute. I haven't looked at your blog in a while so I just got caught up and I know I've already said it but Peyton is really adorable. Love all the pictures, btw.

Joanna Dawson said...

Great pictures and great #2. There is no shame in 3000 pictures. When Peyton is all big and grown, you'll never think, "I wish I didn't take so many pictures of her when she was little." It's usually the other way around, no? Just a thought.

Holly McKnight said...

So sweet..Peyton is growing up fast! And Daniel and I can't wait to see your new little one in the near future. I think you look beautiful preggers! And, I was going to tell you, if you chip a little bit of paint off of the ceiling and take it to wherever you bought the paint, they can match it for you!