Thursday, July 15, 2010

Puppies, Toddlers and Balls

We're back from Idaho. We had a great time. Peyton got sick the day before we were supposed to leave, so we extended our trip a day, and then our flight from Boise to Minnesota was delayed, and we wouldn't have made our connecting flight, so they changed my ticket to the following day.  It was fun for us to stay a couple of extra days, not so fun for Cory though. 

I was sick on the 4th, so there are no pictures from that day. Bummer. I was sad to miss out on all the festivities, but was thankful that my mom was able to watch Peyton while I slept the day away. So there are no 4th of July pictures of Peyton this year. Of course even last year I only got a couple of pictures of her. 

Not even a year old, covered in sunscreen. :)

I did take pictures a few of the days we were there. So here is Idaho the first evening I pulled out my camera:

My parents got a new puppy. He is a golden retriever and so cute! Despite him being mellow, he is still a puppy which means a lot of work! Toddlers and puppies make for some super cute pictures, but they're not the best combination. 

I heard,"no, Eli", a lot! Peyton even woke up in the middle of the night telling Eli no.  It was pretty funny. One night she woke up saying, "no, Eli. My cookie."Ha. She even reached across the bed for something, and then fell back asleep. She woke up talking about Daragan a couple of times, too.

My little cousin, Ty. 

Looking smug with a ball.

 We did a lot of playing in the backyard. It doesn't get dark until like 10pm in Idaho. It made for late nights. We'd go inside and it would be 9pm. At least she slept in until at least 8am. Some mornings she didn't get up until 9:30am. Gotta love dark blinds!

The end.


Steph said...

That's a huge backyard! I remember when we were in Idaho we would stay up really late too! It's crazy how light it is at that hour!
Peyton looks bigger in every new blog post.

Krista said...

I love the dog. He's so cute, and that last picture is funny. It makes me happy that Peyton isn't scared of animals! I'm glad you guys had a good time, but sorry you got sick. :( Next post, let's see a belly shot/preggo update!