Tuesday, July 20, 2010

10 on tuesday!

1. So, I guess my new thing is getting sick every time I fly. :( When I flew home from CA at the end of May I got a 24 stomach bug. When I flew to Idaho the same bug seemed to appear. Poor little Peyton got it too. So we've been home for a week now and Peyton and I are still fighting colds. We must have caught them on the plane home from Idaho. Boo! The combination of being pregnant and having a cold does not make for a good night's rest.

2. My suitcase is still not fully unpacked. Chances are I won't even do it until Thursday.

3. Hillary flies in on Thursday night. How grand! I think the last time I spent my birthday with Hillary was when I was 21. We're never in the same place at the same time.

4. Peyton is doing a great job at going potty. Today is day 6. We haven't had an accident free day yet, but everyday she seems to be grasping the concept more. Her accidents happen when she is sitting down. On sunday she had an accident in her stroller and car seat, but i didn't even care because I was so proud of her for using the public bathroom at the mall. She didn't freak out or anything. Yesterday her only accident was in her "thinking chair" while she was reading books. She still is in a diaper at during nap and bedtime, and has yet to wake up dry.

5. Peyton has also been telling us no about everything. What happened to be easy going, compliant daughter?

6. I'm watching a 2 1/2 year old little boy for the next few days. He doesn't take a nap, and will be here for 11 hours a day. It's going to be an exhausting week, but I'm thankful for the opportunity to bring in a little money.

7. We had to buy a new car battery yesterday. :( Boo. At least that's all it was though.

8. The sour cream in our fridge doesn't expire until after baby boy is born.

9. Last week when I was pulling weeds I got a splinter or thorn stuck under my fingernail... like way under. I was able to pull half of it out, but it broke so there is a sliver of something stuck under the middle of my fingernail. It's not pleasant.

10. It can be raining in the entire state of Alabama except our city. Our grass is so dead, and everywhere else is green. But, I think I've found out the way to make it rain here, washing the car. Every time I do it, you know all 3 times :), it rains. Never fails.

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