Tuesday, March 2, 2010

ten on tuesday

1. We took Peyton to chuck e cheese for the first time the other day. We all had a lot of fun.

2.We also bought Peyton a twin mattress. Macys' was having a closeout sale, so we got an awesome deal!

3. A twin mattress meant we needed to buy her new bedding. :) So we bought her a quilt from JC Penny's. I'll try to post pictures tomorrow. Cory is picking up the mattress tonight.

4. I've been loving avocados lately. They cost  98 cents a piece at walmart. I miss the days of picking them off the tree in the backyard.

5. I haven't thrown up in a week! Hopefully I'll be able to drink milk again soon.

6. My parents are coming in a week! yay!

7. The average high in March is 69. Today the high is 39. :( BOO!

8. Peyton loves Daragan now! She always wants to sit on her and give her hugs.

9. The baby's due date is Sept. 8th.

10. Peyton loves playing in the backyard. Right now we have about 5 leaf piles that she loves to poke with sticks. Her bows always fall out when she is running around, so I attempted to pull the front of her hair up in a ponytail...


kristawilbur said...

1. These numbers don't make sense in relation to yours.

2. Peyton looks like she belongs in Whoville... she looks like a Who. A very cute Who.

3. I can't wait until you find out what you're having! You are finding out, right?!

4. I love how she loves the dog.

5. That's it but I don't like even numbers.

Ashley said...

1.) Eww...your Chuck E Cheese is better than the one here I hope. I'd never take J to the one here.

2./3.) YAY!

4.) I LOVE Avocados!

5./6.) Awesome!

7.) Boo!

8.) So VERY sweet!

9.) Aww! 2 days after Jordan's BDay!

10.) I agree with Krista, I also think she'd make a pretty great Pebbles Flinstone ;)

Steph said...

1. I love to hate that place.

2.Hurray for going straight to a twin!

3. Let's see pictures!

4. I also love them, especially on my sandwiches from subway.

5. Yay!

6. Hurray!

7. I would never survive there.

8. I wish to see her shout at your dog and try and snuggle with it. I bet that would be funny.

9. I love how close it is to Peyton's bday. Two years apart is perfecto!

10. I love her hair. That's what Kayley's looked like when I first put it up!

candace said...

i love her white puffy vest.