Sunday, May 3, 2009


Peyton's cradle cap came back, so last night I greased her up with baby oil before her bath. Here she is sporting a fauxhawk. 
A lovely patch of carrots on her cheek.
Being cute and silly.

Her cute little chubby legs.
She loves standing up, and holding on to the futon. She thinks she's so big, and quite awesome for being able to stand up all by her self.

Laughing and listening to her daddy play the banjo.


Krista said...

I loooove the third picture of her, with that cheesy face! I think it might be time to post a new video of her!!!

Anonymous said...

Look at her standing! Omgoodness she's such a big girl! I can't wait till Jordan does that, but right now she's too lazy to even crawl.

battenbloggin said...

Your child is so adorable. I love the P picture. It's very professional looking!