Thursday, May 7, 2009

9 month appointment

Peyton had a great appointment! We switched pediatricians. The office is brand new, and so much nicer than the one we went to before. The staff was so much better too. I loved the two nurses Peyton had, and her doctor is great!! 

Of course everyone thought Peyton was adorable, and super sweet. She smiled at everyone, and didn't even cry when she got her shots! She got one in each leg, and the nurses did it at the same time. Peyton did make a sad face, but it was so quick that as soon as I picked her up she was smiling at the nurses. The doctor was very pleased with her. She asked if Peyton was always this easy going, and I said yes, thanks to my great parenting. : ) jk. 

I loved going to the doctor when I was pregnant because my doctor always said everything was perfect and I was in great shape. She didn't even hate on the 50 pounds I gained. Probably because I was so awesome in everything else. Haha! JK But now I love taking Peyton to the doctor because she is so healthy and always has a perfect stamp of approval. Ha. Ridiculous I know, but it's true. It just makes me feel good. I know she's bound to get sick one of these days, but for now I will just brag.

Now for the stats:
Weight: 19lbs 4 oz I think this was the 90th percentile . She said a little above average, but I didn't see the actual could have been 75%
Height: 28 3/4 inches 75%
Head: 181/4 inches and I think this was in the 90th percentile as well. 

I was actually surprised. I thought for sure Peyton was at least 20 pounds. She's still a big girl, but she's definitely slowing down.

And if this post didn't have enough AWing here are two more things that make my heart grow and sing.


jujusayre said...

my question is if she is laughing that hard what is Kim doing behind the camera.

hillary said...

haha thats really a great video. candace and i laughed the whole time we watched it. how can you not. what was she laughing at? i love when kids laugh like that and they can't catch their breath. so funny.

Peyton's Pages said...

I really wasn't doing anything great. I was just pouncing.

Krista said...

Oh my gosh, she is too cute for words. I was laughing so hard the entire 57 seconds of that video -- and then I had to watch it again, 'cause it would be rude not to watch something that adorable twice!

Ashley Biddle said...

OMG! That was so funny! I laughed so hard I cried!

battenbloggin said...

Oh my gosh. That was awesome. My kids watched it too and giggled the whole time!