Tuesday, May 26, 2009

ten on tuesday!

1. When Peyton was a newborn I used to call her thug because she always looked so seriously or angry in pictures.  9 months later she is still so gangsta', frilly tank top sleeves and all. : )


2. I have to confess that I have already fallen off the wagon. While Cory was gone Peyton and I went to Target and I bought her a new toy. ::sigh:: She needed it though. : ) It's a Fisher Price, Little People ride on car. She hasn't figured out how to push and walk with it yet, she pulls it in towards her. However, she looves to be pushed around the house on it. 






3. I hardly ever use our p&s camera to take pictures. Peyton is so not used to the flash. ha. 


4. Last Thursday I met up with Jaida's mom, and we took the girls to the zoo. 

Look at my big girl checking out the kangaroos or the grass. ha.




We left a little later than I had hoped, and our trip was right in the middle of the girl's nap time. They both knocked out in their strollers. It was the first time Peyton had fallen asleep in her stroller, I'm glad I know it's possible.


Doesn't she look so sweet with head propped up on her hand! Awwww...


5. Cory snapped this picture of Peyton a couple Sundays ago. We both needed to get ready for church so I popped in a video for her. I think this is definitely slide show material for her wedding. : )


6. This morning.


7. It feels like it's been raining here all month. Somedays I love it, somedays I don't.

8. Yesterday we went to the Galleria, so I could get my eyebrows threaded, and I was so sad to see that the cart had closed. : ( 

9. Peyton took about a 30 minute nap this morning, and then played in her crib for an hour. I kept waiting for her to go back to sleep, but she never did. When I finally went in to get her I discovered that she had a poopy diaper. Oops, sorry kid.

10. Aimee, Peyton and I are meeting Candace and Hillary in Memphis this weekend. Can't wait! 


hillary said...

yay! i'm so excited to see all three of you. peyton and i will probably be best friends, and she will definitely love me more than candace. i think the picture of her with the food on her face looks like you. not because of the food on the face, just because her eyes look so blue i think.

kimberlysayre said...

Haha! "not because of the food on the face". If it was about the food on her face she would look more like Cory. : ) I'm not going to dispute you, she does have my eyes. : )

Steph said...

I love her big old diaper butt in the pictures with the walker thing. I also love her in that yellow hat. So cute! Are you and Jaida's mom besties? I'm jealous about the get together. Boo!

kimberlysayre said...

I'm sad that you're not going to be there. : ( I'm not besties with Jaida's mom, but I like her.

cory said...

from now on you are speakining in a wisper until you end that parenthesis bracket.

cory said...

nvm... i see what happened there. your sad face carried down to the next line. thats why its improper to put a space between the eyes and mouth. :)

kimberlysayre said...

Thanks for the lesson, Cory.

Candace said...

Ohh Peyton will love seeing me and she will probably want me to hold her the entire time. I mean, why wouldn't she? It will just be a wild wild weekend probably...

steponme said...

Ha! You're funny.