Monday, January 19, 2009

The weekend

So, I'm a day early. 

We had a great weekend. GG and Poppy came down to visit on friday night, and we went to the mall on Saturday. I really wanted to take pictures at the botanical gardens, but it was freezing. Boo! I am so ready for warm weather. Peyton and I will be having tons of photo shoots outside, and spending lots of time at the zoo. Anyway, back to this weekend... I actually left the mall with 3 bags, and they were all clothes for me, besides Cory's one shirt. Thank you Nana and GG. Cory was my stylist, and I left with 3 pairs of skinny jeans, a jacket, a tank top, a short sleeved cardigan?, a plaid shirt?, and a grey v-neck sweatshirt materialed( i know that's not a word) cardigan?...those question marks are there because I'm not sure if that's how I should describe them.  We also went to the Disney store, and nothing struck Peyton's fancy, but I did manage to get a couple cute pictures.

Sunday we went to church, Peyton took too short of a nap, and then Aimee and James came over and since the weather was nice we went to the park.

That's all. Come back tomorrow for 10 on Tuesday.


Ashley Biddle said...

You totally stole my idea! I was gonna take pictures of Jordan like that at the Disney store but they wouldn't let me! Boo...oh well. Peyton is so cute!

Peyton's Pages said...

Just do it anyway, no one even noticed when I did it. Just put her down, take a picture and then jet.

Krista said...

I wonder why you can't follow my blog... I don't follow anyone 'cause I use this great thing called Google Reader where you just put in the url of the blog and it shows you new posts. So I have like ten blogs I read in there, and it shows me all of their new entires on one page. So great. You should check it out.

Anywho, your baby is so cute! She's so much more smiley. I can't wait for May/August/whenever I see you next to see her smile in real life!

battenbloggin said...

Hurray for a day early! I love your child. I like the picture amidst all the animals. Welcome back to the bloggin' world Kim.

Mommy and Daddy Ski said...

I LOVE the photos of that ham of yours in the park. She has such a great smile! Did you tell her she's marrying a younger man yet?