Tuesday, January 6, 2009

10 on Tuesday!

1. I forgot to post about Peyton going on the swings, she loves it. I cannot wait for spring when we can spend more time enjoying the swings at the park, and maybe the slides too!

2. We bought Peyton a "big girl" car seat last weekend. Well, actually she bought it for herself with half of her Christmas money. I love the way her little feet stick straight out. We haven't installed it in the car yet, so I don't know if we'll have less crying on our little trips, but she was perfectly content sitting in it while in the "den". Don't worry she'll still be rear facing...for as long as I possibly can, for that matter!

3. We also went to Gymboree last weekend. Peyton had a $50 gift card from my mom, and I'm so excited about putting her in her new clothes once it gets a little warmer. Can you believe I got the dress for $7, talk about a steal! She won't be wearing the dress for a while though, it's 12-18 months.

4. So, I know I said I would never co-sleep, but I'm not going to lie, I love it! After Peyton wakes up for the morning I bring her in bed with me, and feed her and we talk and play for a little bit, and then she goes back to sleep for another 2-3 hours, and by she I mean WE! It's great.

5. It really needs to stop raining! Our backyard can't handle it. Our house stinks of nasty, wet dog, and I'm really sick of cleaning off paws, and then STILL having to clean up muddy paws in the house! Ugh! The dogs seem to be enjoying their little lake though.

6. Peyton loves to sit in her jumperoo, and look out the window.

7. The simplest things make me happy. I love how Peyton pulls on her pants and brings her knees to her chest. She also likes to pull up her shirt. I think it's adorable, but I pretty much think everything she does is amazing. : )

8. Call me crazy, but this picture reminds me so much of Jason.
9. Yesterday I had to change the worst poopy diaper yet! It was all over her back, and I had a terrible time taking off her onesie.

10. Most of you already know, but for those that don't, we recently did some rearranging in our house. The office became our room, and our room became the den. We are loving it! Our house feels a lot bigger, and we actually prefer the smaller bedroom. I'll post pictures when the rooms are completed, but don't hold your breath because it may take a while. Crossing my fingers for a good tax return. : )


CORY said...

wow its getting really deep back there. daragan doesnt look so painfully thin in this picture. i love alot of things peyton does too, but i cant beleive you laid her down and took a picture of the poop all ove her.

Peyton's Pages said...

HA! I had to document the worst poop I've encountered.

Daniel McKnight said...

Oh my gosh... that poopy looks like it exploded up her back. Ick!

Ashley Biddle said...

Haha!Jordan does that too! The thing with the shirt and pants...don't worry we think everything she does is amazing too...it's a mom thing ;) Peyton gets cuter each time I see a picture.

battenbloggin said...

Funny stuff man. I'm glad you made the change with the rooms. Two living spaces must be fab! And taking one nap a day together doesn't count as cosleeping in my books. It's called extended snuggling:)

Peyton's Pages said...

Oh Steph, I totally laughed when I read "extended cuddling"...that it is my friend, that it is.

hillary said...

so first of all, who takes pictures of poop like that and posts it on their blog. probably just you. haha. so second of all, whats in your den? i mean do you hang out in there instead of the living room? i wasn't aware of the rearranging. thirdly, i really like her little feet sticking out of the car seat. it looks gigantic in comparison to her. lastly, i like the pictures of her in the swing and looking out the window.

Peyton's Pages said...

We moved everything that was in the office into the den, plus Peyton's new toys, and one of those circle chairs. We hardly ever spend time in our living room now, which is a bit ridiculous since we have a 42" tv in there.

crystal Mason said...

That is so funny! Welcome to motherhood! YUCK!