Thursday, January 8, 2009

Still taking pictures

Peyton in her infant car seat, mostly likely for the last time. My plan is to install her convertible car seat this weekend.
She still has room in it, but she hates it. I was doing all her favorite things to try and get her to smile.
She threw me a bone, and gave me a smirk.
Isn't her jacket so cute! Her GG and Poppy got it for her for Christmas.
My new favorite picture of her. I get a new favorite pretty much every day. Ha. I love her expression, so full of love and wonder, eh. 

Don't you wish this was in style for adults! How comfy cozy does she look!
Thank you favorite Auntie, for making me comfy this winter. 
She has been working really hard at trying to blow raspberries and clicking with her tongue. She'll get it one of these days. She did learn how to scream/yell when she doesn't like something. That's been fun while out in public. It's always protesting the car seat, so maybe that will go away when we switch her over.


battenbloggin said...

I think that one is my new fave also. I like most of the ones you take of her on her belly. I love how you spend time dressing her up, taking pics and then giving shouts out to those who purchased them. ha!

Peyton's Pages said...

I usually don't give shout outs, but I thought I would this time. More things to write, ya know.

Krista said...

Oh my gosh, every time I look at that first picture, I crack up. Her expression!

Mr. and Mrs. Ski said...

Man, she looks pissed in that first picture! You should frame it or put it in her high school year book when she graduates!

Anonymous said...

Lol...Jordan has that same outfit! We have some good lookin babies ;)