Saturday, November 12, 2011

October Recap

 So long, October. You were so good to us with your perfect weather, beautiful trees, and visits from friends. We will miss you. November is already freezing and the trees are practically bare. :( But we don't worry, November, we won't hate on you too bad because we have family visiting, a fabulous holiday to celebrate and black friday shopping deals!

park days

lots of crafts

painting pumpkins

playing in leaves

cousin best buddies

rolling around on scooters

visit with krista and pretend photo shoots

apple picking

pretty fields with golden sun, and not having willing subjects

family picture attempt

carrying a heavy toddler on shoulders

pictures at the boise river

state park with pretty trees

frolicking on hills with pretty leaves strewed about

rolling down hills

being best girlfriends with krista

more playing in leaves

driving cars at the zoo

loving the animals at the zoo

being so cool, walking backwards on the bridge

eating bananas while little brother loves on goats

converting zoo pictures to black and white because I cant fix the color cast

getting halloween surprises in the mail from great grandparents

making pizza cookies


Steph said...

I love this! Your family picture is so great. You're such a pretty lady, Kim, and such a talented photographer!

Krista said...

There are a lot of really awesome pictures of me in this post. Haha. I do love the one of me and my bestie Peyton having a very serious girlfriend chat. Too precious. I agree with ALL of the stuff Steph said, too!