Saturday, September 24, 2011

A Walk Through The Neighborhood

Noah and I go on a walk every night, most nights Cory and Peyton come, too. I absolutely love our neighborhood. It is stuff that movies are made of. seriously. There are kids every where, playing and riding their bikes until the sun goes down. It's so safe, and friendly feeling. I love seeing people outside being active. It really makes me happy. Anyway, how about a little picture tour.

Getting ready to head out

Sidewalk trails throughout the neighborhood

Community basketball court

Neighborhood playground #1

Neighborhood playground #2

Looking outside of the subdivion: corn fields, and mountains. 

We love our walks.


Steph said...

Your neighborhood looks really nice. I can't wait to come visit sometime!

Holly said...

This neighborhood is gorgeous!! I want to visit too!!

Peyton's Pages said...

We would love to have you both!