Tuesday, September 27, 2011

ten on tuesday!

1. It doesn't just happen in the movies, people. We really saw people having an imaginary battle in the park, and they were much older than 5. I had to take a picture.

2. There is a little open field, future site of a chevron, that has pretty yellow flowers growing in it, well between it and the sidewalk. I've been dying to take pictures of Peyton in a field of sunflowers, and I figured this was the closest I was going to get this year, so off we went. The pictures didn't come out like I have envisioned, but there are a handful that I love.

Shaking her groove thang.


My favorite picture from the evening, no dainty dandelion blowing for this little lady.

3. I watch my little cousin on Thursday, Friday, and every other Wednesday. Peyton loves having someone to play with.

Notice her shorts on backwards. :)

While Ty and Peyton climb, and jump off rocks and stone walls Noah watches the nearby gardeners mow the lawn.

4. There was a park day in there sometime last week.

5. Painting a caterpillar

Feel free to pin this master piece. :)

6. Noah always seems to have a car in his hand while he is at home. I love watching him drive it across the furniture, and floor. Of course this little act of boyhood makes him a genius in my book.

7. My parents are coming this weekend so it should be busy and fun.

8. We finally settled on the kids halloween costumes. I really wanted Peyton to be a storybook character, and Noah to be whatever went along with it, but she wasn't having it. I thought Miss Muffet and a spider would have been so cute or Little Red Riding hood, and a wolf, Goldilocks, and a bear. We just took her to Old Navy and had her pick something. I'll admit that we didn't let her have her first choice(a bee) because I couldn't think of anything that would go with it for Noah.  Noah is a "scuper diaper" according to Peyton. Can you guess what he really is?

9. I have got to get a video of Noah singing. It is my absolute favorite. Yesterday we were listening to Justin Beiber(its ok, you can judge), and Noah sang " ba ba ba ba ba ba aaahhhh."

10. I know most of you saw this on fb, but for those of you that didn't:

Peyton: can I have some yogurt?

Me: yes, but it's not the regular yogurt, it's a gogurt.

Peyton: oh mom! I knew you could do it! Rhyming is fun, I know.


Krista said...

Great pictures, as always! I love Peyton's dandelion face. Too cute. And Noah is getting sooo big! Is that your parents' yard? I can't wait to see your baby's soon!

Peyton's Pages said...

Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!! It is their backyard.

Krista said...

If that's the backyard I cannot wait to see the rest of the joint! Have fun with them while they're there!

Steph said...

You're a blogging machine lately! I love it. Noah is going to be a scuba diver? Love the pictures, love the kids, love your family!