Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Noah is One!

Can you believe it, Noah is a year old?! Taking his monthly picture has been no easy feat. Last month he kept trying to get out of the chair, and this month he kept throwing his letter N. He is a big fan of throwing things these days. He is still a lover of cars, balls, and music. He eats, and sleeps really well. He is still taking a morning, and afternoon nap. They both are usually 2 hours long. He's a crawling, cruising, climbing wild man, and has bruises all over his face to prove it. He loves water, and getting his entire face wet. He LOVES animals! He shakes and smiles when he sees any animal, and pants and laughs when he sees dogs. It's very cute! 

It's funny to remember him as a little baby. He was so laid back, and super easy minus taking nearly 7 months to sleep through the night. Once he figured out how to get his own pacifier in the middle of the night he was good to go though. When his first tooth popped through his temperament seemed to have changed. He had, and still has lots of crabby times. Teething is tough on him, and so is seeing me unless I am giving him my undivided attention. He will follow me around "crying" at my heels. This once daddy's boy has turned into a momma's boy. I know I should savor this time because soon he will realize that I'm not that cool. Then I'll have to creep into his room(even when he is a giant man), and pick him up when he is sleeping, and sing "I'll love you forever, I'll like you for always as long as I'm living my baby you'll be", and I can only hope he will do the same to me. Obviously I've lost whatever blogging skills I had during my absence, and am just rambling, so just watch this little video montage of my little big guy.

Untitled from Kim Sayre on Vimeo.

Noah Thomas, you are so cute, sweet, and funny. I love your wild ways, and silly dances. Your "singing" makes me smile even when I'm in the worst of moods. Even though the days are tough now I would not trade you for the world! I cannot wait to watch you grow and learn this year. I love you, my Smunchy Jumbotron! 


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Haiza said...

Yay for new posts and hooray for Noah turning 1. He is such a cutie and you are such a great momma.

Holly said...

Such a big boy! Then again, he's always been a big boy. :) lol Some photos in the video literally made me lolz. So funny and oh so precious!