Wednesday, September 14, 2011

10 on tuesday!... finished on wednesday

1. Peyton started ballet last week. I'm not able to be in the room while she is in class, but I did take a couple of pictures after. She LOVES going to dance class. She is the youngest in her class, all of the other girls are 4, but she does pretty well.

2. One of Noah's favorite things to do is sit in the laundry room, and watch the washer and dryer spin around.

3. One of Peyton's favorite things to do while at home is jump on the trampoline. I don't let her do it that often because it makes me so nervous. The previous owners had the brilliant idea of building a stone ledge right around. Not very smart.

4. Krispy Kreme is always a fun adventure. It was the first time we had taken the kids, so of course I had them wear the hats, and brought the camera. No donuts for Noah, but he did get to enjoy some chocolate milk.

5. Park days are always fun. No more sitting in the stroller, and watching for Noah.

He thought it was great fun picking up and throwing wood chips in this tunnel.

"Here I am, Dora!" That's right, lucky me got to be called Dora all evening.

"Peyton, show me your prettiest smile." Oh geez, nevermind.

6. The other night Peyton wanted to wear Cory's swimmer's cap. She said, "Look! I have serious eyes."

7. Sidewalk chalk in the evening... notice Noah in the background...

Our neighbors have horses. Noah was headed that way, so I got some carrots so we could feed them. Noah loved it! He is crazy about animals. Peyton doesn't really care. She's rather "climb" a tree.

Noah is obviously very happy to be away from the horses and contained in his car.

8. So there is a little glimpse of what every day life looks like for us.

9. I really should take, and add a bunch of pictures of Noah crying a rolling all over the ground because that is quite a common occurrence.

10. It's still hot in Idaho. Rumor has it that the high temperatures usually don't last this long. I'm enjoying it while it's still here because I'm a little scared about winter. I definitely need fall temperatures come October though!


Krista said...

I love the hilarious faces your kids make and the equally hilarious things that Peyton says. I just laughed my way through this entire post, hah! I hope the weather is fall-like in October, too. Otherwise I want a vacation refund. :)

Hillary said...

I love her prettiest smile picture!! That is awesome. For some reason all the things you write about Noah remind me a lot of Jonah.