Thursday, June 23, 2011

She is almost 3...

A conversation with Peyton

Me: Who is your best friend?

Peyton: You!

Me: Who is the best mommy in the whole world?

Peyton: You!

Me: Who is the prettiest person you know?

Peyton: Me!

Peyton is really in to drawing these days. This morning she asked me to draw her a dog eating a bone, so I did. My drawing ability never really progressed past kindergarten so please excuse the unrecognizable dog, and focus on Peyton's added details.


Unknown said...

i LOVE that she said that she is the prettiest person she knows because you've taught her confidence and to like herself :]

angie said...

btw that comment from "unknown" was from me lol

Holly said...

That was hilarious! Glad I get to witness your conversation with her. She made so many funny comments that night...such a goof ball!

Erica said...

she is SO funny!!!!