Thursday, June 2, 2011

Noah is 9 months old!

Can you believe Noah is 9 months old!? I can. :) Let's see, what's new with the "little" guy. 

Well, he weighs 23 pounds, and is 30 1/2 inches long! However, I do not see football in his future. Baseball would be cool though. :) He has 4 teeth now! 

He looks so funny because none of them are completely grown in. He has a mouth full of pointy white nubs. His hair is getting wild. He doesn't have much of it, but he has some long strands over his ears, and on the top of his head. 

He's eating table food like a champ, but still uses his entire fist to pick the food up. I am so thankfully that he isn't picky!! He loves to blow raspberries with a mouth full of food. He grins from ear to ear, and will even laugh. 

We've introduced a sippy cup, but he hasn't gotten the hang of it. He loves chewing on it though.

He loves bath time, and playing in the little kiddie pool. He thinks he's hot stuff splashing around. 

No crawling yet, but he can scoot backwards now. When I put him on all fours he gets in a sitting position or plops down. The doctor gave me a phone number for an EI evaluation, but I'm kind of tired of putting out money for things that aren't really necessary with him. He really isn't that far behind, so I think I will wait it out for a couple more months and if he still isn't crawling I will call.

I can't remember if he was sleeping through the night last month. He definitely is now. If he loses his pacifier while he is sleeping he finds it and puts it back in all by his big self.

His little personality is so cute! He loves his sister. If she is sleeping in the car and he is awake he screams at her and tries to wake her up. :) The kids loves to scream! If he hears anything that resembles a scream he will let one out. He loves music, and to hear Cory play the guitar and sing. He bobs up and downs. He loves to beat on the floor, and on his little bongos. Maybe he will be a drummer like his dad. He's pretty stranger shy, but so was Peyton. Now Peyton is a social butterfly, so maybe Noah will be, too. 

I suppose that's it. I love my sweet little Noah Thomas.

I tried to get some pictures of him last night, but he was more interested in watching Peyton run around.

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Haiza said...

what a sweet boy you have. I'm so glad I met him. Now I feel like "I'm with you" when you talk about him. lol