Monday, June 6, 2011

Nothing Fancy

Our house is pretty small, and I'm horrible at taking pictures of it, but here's a little idea of what it looks like:

The kids share the smallest of our 3 bedrooms. It works out really well except when Peyton decides to wake up Noah from his nap.

The robot pictures aren't actually hanging that crooked, its just an awful picture.

In addition to their tiny bedroom the kids also have the master bedroom as their playroom. It was a lot of wasted space for Cory and me, so we decided to convert into a den/playroom. One side of the room currently has boxes of items for our garage sale next weekend. The small picture of a shower curtain and shelf is the bathroom off the hall beside my bedroom.

Our kitchen and living room

A little more of our living room, a cute baby, and mine and Cory's room (well, part of it). Our desk and computer used to be in the playroom, but we moved it out when we got new carpet and kept it in that little nook in the living room. We used to have a bench and coat rack there, but that's under our carport waiting for someone from craigslist to buy it. :)

I am really bad at story boarding our house. ha. But there is a little idea of what it looks like.


Krista said...

I love your little house! You've done a great job of decorating it. And you're right, that's one cute kid! This is a fun idea. I think I'm going to charge my camera and do this with my apartment tonight (I guess that means I better put away the pile of clothes in the living room and also make my bed and all that crap!).

Peyton's Pages said...

I forgot to mention that peyton is inside the lion hamper.

Haiza said...

I absolutely love it! You guys have done such a great job there!!! PS - Do you still have the painting of Nat's lil bro that I gave you? :)

Peyton's Pages said...

Thanks, Haiza! I'm sure I still have the painting. I have all my cmc, and high school mementos in a plastic bin.21