Tuesday, May 17, 2011

ten on tueday

1. Last week felt so long. Weird because busy weeks usually go by fast. Peyton had a blast playing with kids her age everyday. I'm just glad it was only for one week. :) ha. It was nice being able to pitch in financially though, and I'd do it again if the chance arose.

2. I also finally finished editing pictures from the photo shoot I did the Saturday before Mother's Day.

3. Cory tiled the master bathroom last weekend. It looks great! "We" should have done it a lot sooner! We've had the tile sitting in our shed for a few years. It was left over tile from my parents bathroom remodel. My mom and I hauled it across the country when she gave me the Jeep. Weird to think I was pregnant with Peyton at that time. I don't ever remember being childless.

4. The weather had been cold here. So strange for the middle of May in the South. It's like a last hoorah. I'm definitely ready for warmer days though. I love spending time outside late into the evening. Cory is all about the cold days.

5. I'm trying to decide if I'm going to do birthday parties for the kids this year. I keep asking Peyton if she would like a "insert theme here" party, and she just says she wants cupcakes. Ha. We'll see...

6. I'm so glad that all our movies are on the external HD now! I love not having dvds taking up space.

7. I love the new carpet in the playroom. It's so fresh, and so clean, clean.

8. I finally feel like our house to do list has an end in sight.

9. I don't know, but I have been so tired lately. I never feel rested. My eyes just want to close.

10. Noah is crabby again. I think he is getting ready to cut another tooth. Poor little guy. He just had two break through, and was a happy little guy all last week. I hope this one comes through quickly and he gets a break for a little while. Its crazy to think that he might have a mouth full of teeth before he turns one!


Erica said...

this weather here has been SO weird... 90 last week and freezing the weekend/this week. make up your mind, we didn't pack winter clothes ;)

i can't believe you posted a 10 on tuesday with no pics!

Steph said...

1.I love it when extra flow comes in.
3. I bet it looks nice. I remember you being childless but it seems like forever ago. Now you have two, crazy.
4. It has been kinda rainy and windy here. I don't love it.
5. Go for a cupcake, it's cheaper!
6.Ain't technology grand?
7. Ain't nobody dope as me I'm just so fresh and clean.
10. He's such a cutie. Hopefully his crabby will be over soon!