Thursday, May 19, 2011

Egg Hunt

Since Cory wasn't going to be with us on Easter we dressed up and took family pictures and had an Easter egg hunt the day before he left. You know for him. :) Or because I wanted to have a family picture of Noah's first Easter. :) It was pretty much impossible to get a good family picture. There is always someone making a weird face or looking away from the camera. Hopefully we will be able to bribe Noah with fruit snacks next year. :)

It was a fun evening minus the stress of really wanting a good picture. ha. Peyton loved "hunting" for eggs. And was thrilled with the $5.00 that was in her big golden egg. She wanted to put it in her piggy bank right away. I can't believe this was over a month ago!

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Krista said...

Super cute! You all coordinate well. I love the picture of Lukey holding Noah, and Noah's fat belly spilling over. :) Also, Peyton is so beautiful I just want to kick her in the face!

Erica said...

your pics are beautiful! cannot believe how blue both the kiddos eyes are!

Steph said...

Great pictures of a great looking family! Why would you want to kick her in the face, Krista?