Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

1. We finally put new batteries in our scale. Noah is weighing in at 17 lb! 

2. I found my stamps! Now I can finish mailing out my Christmas cards.

3. Peyton pretending to be a dog is driving me nuts. I don't tell her, but geez. I don't want to bark to music with her. I'd rather sing even if my voice is off key.

4. Oh, guess what? Noah is not sleeping through the night anymore. I think he slept through the night one more time after I wrote last weeks post. ::sigh:: What the heck? :( I have a feeling that we are going to have to do some major crying it out with him, and possibly get rid of the pacifier all together. Not looking forward to that at all. I know that in the long run it will be better, but hearing your baby cry does not equal a good time. 

5. It has been crazy windy here. Our gazebo blew over, and broke. What a major bummer!

6. Peyton was in the bathroom with this morning, and I asked her what she was doing, and she said, "I'm just doing the toothpaste". I was afraid there was going to be toothpaste everywhere, but thankfully she was just holding it, and grinning in the mirror. I guess she was pretty proud to be holding a tube of toothpaste. I'm glad that she's never been one to get into things and make big messes.

7. Peyton insists that Rabbit's (from Winnie the Pooh) name is Christopher Robin. We've told her again and again that he is just Rabbit, and the boy is Christopher Robin, but she will not accept it. She actually calls him Christopher Rabbin. I love that about her though. 

8. "She's so beautiful, and I tell her every day... and when you smile, the whole world stops and stares for a while. Cause girl, you're amazing, just the way you are."

9. Peyton is playing with her My Little Ponies.

"Do you want to race?"
 "Lets practice." 
"Come on, Pinky Pie."
"We're a good racer today."
"Come on. Let's go race everything."

She usually wants me to converse with her while she is playing with her toys. She asks questions over and over until I answer for them. But today she is playing both parts. Love that!

10. He does this often, and it makes me laugh.


Krista said...

I like the new header!

Boo to the gazeebo breaking! It almost happened when I was there.

I love your girl. And I just got tears in my eyes from laughing at the picture of Noah.

Steph said...

That picture of Noah is hilarious!

I love hearing about your life. Keeps me connected, ya know?

Hillary said...

1. Um the 15 month old child that I watch is 19 pounds. Noah is a bug guy!
3. That made me laugh out loud. Reminds me of my birthday card that I've been barking along with every night.
10. Noah probably thought you was a ghost.

Peyton's Pages said...

Noah is a big guy, so very big! The 15 month old sounds like a little peanut! I think Peyton was 22 pounds and her one year well check. I hope your little man is still rear facing. You know how I am...

Haiza said...

8 almost made me cry and 10 made me laugh. His lil eyes are going to roll right out of his head. lol

Hillary said...

It's actually a she, and she is a peanut. A little one ounce. And no worries, they are all rear facing. Even the biggest guy, and he's bery heavy. He is like Noah probably will be.

And I meant to say Noah was a big guy, not a bug guy.

Peyton's Pages said...

I always thought I'd have a one ounce, but peyton proved me wrong, and noah proved me double wrong.

I knew what you were saying. He's a big guy with bug eyes. That's probably why you said bug guy.

Favorite Auntie said...

They look so wonderful in their Christmas outfits... I'm glad they fit!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Bruno Mars and I make the boys sing that song with me all the time! You know me... brainwash them young to be romantics ;-)

Noah kinda looks like Charlie Brown and I can only say that because Ty looked like that when he was a babe! haha =) FUNNY! Do you do it back to him??? You should, to try and make him laugh!

Love you

Candace said...

Haha big guy with bug eyes.

I really likes that picture of Noah. It's so funny!