Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

1. Last Sunday Peyton threw up in the nursery. That was a "first" I was happy to miss. I don't know what caused her to throw up. Thankfully, she was fine the rest of the day.

2. Our Mother's Day/Father's Day/Anniversary present to ourselves.

3. Last night we had an unexpected thunder storm. I enjoyed listening to it while I fell asleep, well until I realized I forgot to take the sheets of the clothesline.

4. Peyton has been loving the Aristocats or as she called it "the Arricocats". I think it's so funny that she loves cats so much. Hopefully she'll outgrow it because we will not be adding a cat to our family.

5. Peyton also loves the movie Cars. Yesterday I gave her a red popsicle and she said, "red. Lightening Mcqueen".

6. Peyton has learned the art of delaying bedtime. For the last few nights she has been calling out to us to do little things for her like putting her book back on her nightstand, or turning off her night light, or another hug and kiss. Last night she was calling for me, and Cory went in there, and she told him she wanted me to close her door. :/ "Mommy close door. Mommy do it".

7. I counted calories for a day. ha.

8. Have you seen the diapers that look like jeans? Weird.

9. I'm trying to build up enough energy to pull the millions of weeds out of our flower bed.

10. An image from the retirement party I photographed while I was in VTA.

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steph said...

I love the patio furniture!

Those diapers are weird.

That's a really great picture from the party!