Monday, May 10, 2010

I Love the Beach!

Sorry for the blog slacking. Peyton and I are having a great time in California. I knew I missed living here, but man, I really miss living here. We went to the beach with my friend and her  kids on Saturday evening. Peyton wasn't crazy about the water because its was cold, but she had fun digging in the sand. Kayley and Cole had a blast playing in the water. They were soaked by the time we left. So great!

Here's a slideshow of our fun.


Steppy said...

I love them, Kim. I can't wait to get them in frames!!!

Heather said...

Great pictures. When are you going to be in my neck of the wood so you can take some family pictures for us!!! You can take pictures for our family and we'll let you stay at our lake house! Sound like a good deal! BTW Our water is warm:)