Monday, November 2, 2009

Not me! Monday.

I can get Mckmama's button to work...

Friday night we most certainly did not go to the zoo to find out that Boo at the Zoo was not included in our season pass. I always read the small print for the promotional activities at the zoo. I did not huff at the lady, and tell Cory that I wasn't going to pay 20 dollars to go into the zoo when we could go for free the next day. We then did not take the long route home looking for churches that might be doing a Trunk or Treat, so we could show Peyton off in her adorable Tinker bell costume. And Peyton is definitely not eating pizza, she of course, only eats veggies, fruit and whole grains.


Saturday morning I did not attempt to make a rainbow cake. If I did make a rainbow cake I'm sure it wouldn't look like this:


And all of those gaps wouldn't be filled with a ton of frosting and leave the cake looking like this.



If I did, in fact, make a rainbow cake there would be more than half left, after all it's only been 3 days.

Saturday night our church's Trunk or Treat. We did not dress Peyton up in a costume for the second night in a row just to parade her around. Everyone knows that 15 month old children should eat lots of candy so Peyton did not fill her "treat bag" with flyers and flowers leaves. :)











Ashley said...

Hahahaha! Your too funny Kim! Awesome though ;) I made a web site like you only took me four days! LOL

steph said...

I love the monkey! So cute! I wouldn't pay that much either Kim, don't you worry.

You have a website now?

steph said...

And by the way, way to go on the rainbow cake. At least you were able to frost yours!

candace said...

haha, i love her costume. she is really cute.

kimberlysayre said...

I do have a website, but I'm still working on it.