Thursday, November 5, 2009

15 months

Today is my niece's birthday, she's 8! I can't believe it! Happy birthday, Chloe.

Today my baby is 15 months!

She is so much fun, and has us laughing all of the time! Though we usually have to hide our laughter because she's doing something she isn't supposed to.

The other night Cory heard her splashing in the toilet and he said, "Peeyyton". She came around the corner saying, "no ma'am, no ma'am"

When she is in a bad mood or frustrated she tries hitting Daragan. We are working on this!

She is not a fan of vegetables, and she throws them off her highchair as soon as she sees them. Not so funny. I can only get her to eat them when they're hidden in something else.

She likes to tell the other kids to share as she's taking something out of their hands. :/

She loves the itsy bitsy spider, and knows all the motions.

She asks to eat crackers all day!

One of her favorite books is Monsters Inc which is one of my least favorite. It's so long, so we just make up words to go with the pictures. Which sounds like "and there's Mike and there's Sully, and they're doing that". I tried hiding it in the middle of her stack of books, but she threw them off the shelf until she got to it. She also loves her Baby Einstein color book, and I Love You Through and Through. Reading books is her favorite thing to do right now, well besides running around outside.

She talk a lot. Words she uses daily are:

cracker, milk, outside, socks, daragan, mike, books, blocks, apple, water, more, please, thank you, yeah, no, no ma'am, come on ('mon), come here ('mere), daddy, mama, car, flower, eeewwww, ball, elmo, uh oh, stick, rock, puppy, bow, head, ears, eyes, chin, mouth, cheek, toes, circle, jaida, bye, hi, dance, jump, tickle, share, go, paper, eat, bear, baby, bless you, shovel, bath, bubbles, down, up. Hmm... I think that's it. But she will pretty much try to repeat most words you ask her to.

She knows what sound a horse, cow, dog, and cat make. She also says beep beep when she's playing with her cars.

She can stack blocks about 4 high.

She has 7 teeth, 4 on the bottom and 3 up top.

She weighs 22lbs 4oz She's 31 inches tall, and her head is 18".

She's in size 12-18 months, and wears a size 5 shoe.

Well, I think that covers what she's up to.

Monday I took her to her well check, and then to the zoo, so here are some pictures. The color is all over the place in these, I shot in auto most of the time, and I just don't have the energy to try to edit them.
























Steph said...

I love the little Pocahontas shoes! And that monkey is so funny looking! I love the detailed updates. It's amazing how quickly she changes and learns new things!

kristawilbur said...

Yay Peyton! I love that she says "No ma'am." That might be my favorite thing ever... until she does something I like better. I'm with Steph, I love the little updates. I also think it's great that she throws her veggies off the high chair! :)

Since I always tell you this, my favorite picture is the toward the end, where she's got her hands pulled up inside her shirt and her shoulders are kind of lifted. (It's ninth from the bottom.)

kimberlysayre said...

haha! yeah, she was saying, "eeewwww" to all of the animals in the barn. :)

hillary said...

i think i could probably do a developmental assessment from your detailed posts. ha one of the questions is how many words they say (i think 15 or more at this age) and how many toys they can stack on top of each other. she would pass with flying colors.

Ash said...

Very cute Kim ;)

candace said...

haha, i like that she hits daragan when she's frustrated. funny.