Saturday, April 25, 2009

An Idaho recap

These pictures are going to seem a little random beezcuz they are. 

We had lots of fun watching Hunter's soccer game. Everyone commented on what a good baby Peyton is. She was perfectly content sitting on the sidelines watching the game. 
Chillin' in the car. The tylenol bottle is currently her favorite thing. Don't worry, she is still rear facing. I was sitting in the way back.

Hunter had his 6th birthday party at the bowling alley. It was so much fun watching 4-6 year olds bowl! Jack and Ty watching and waiting to see how many pins Jack knocked down.
My sweet little nephew.
My feisty little nephew. I looved watching Gaven bowl!
Check out that form.
Haha! The cupcakes Laiena, Hunter and I decorated. I'm thinking I should go into the cake decorating business. Que, no?
Hanging out, and laughing with Auntie Laiena.

I love this picture of Robert even though his hand is in front of his face. He just looks so sweet.
cousin love.
We were trying to get a shot of all the kids together, and we put Peyton in Gaven's lap but she just wanted to touch his face and look at him. I love Gaven's expression.

Ty likes to wear one glove. : ) Look at Peyton in the background! She can't figure out how to move her arms and hands forward. She rocks on her hands and knees for a while, and then stands on her feet. silly girl. She'll get it someday...
Just hanging out and rolling around in the livingroom.

so big.

Ty Ty.

Well friends, that's all I've got. 


Erica said...

peyton is absolutely adorable! her eyes are gorgeous & she just has a sweet spirit that jumps off the screen! looks like you had a lot of fun.

hillary said...

looks like fun. i like gaven bowling a lot. peyton is practically a teenager.

CORY said...

their soccer jerseys say 'lesbo'

battenbloggin said...

I can't believe how big baby bob is! He's a big kid now. Crazy. I love all the ones bowling. That looked like fun. The whole trip looked grand! Peyton is a giant. Man oh man, no wonder she needed her own seat on the plane. It's all those brownies in her breastmilk. Haha.

battenbloggin said...

I find it interesting that people tend to give up normal punctuation and grammar when commenting on blogs. Weird.