Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Easter pictures

Sorry for the wait. I hope this gives you all an idea of the fun we had on Easter.

All of the kids' Easter baskets sitting on the table Easter Eve.
Peyton and all her loot. This child does not go without. She definitely had a good first Easter. : )

My mom bought this outfit for Peyton when we were in Cali for Thanksgiving. I kept telling her Peyton wouldn't fit in a size 12 months yet. Looks like I was wrong! I love my big baby. : )
Dyeing eggs. 
My dad, and nephew Robert.
My cousin Hunter, and nephew Gaven.

My mom and her granddaughters. Peyton and Riley are only 3 months apart. 

Our favorite Auntie Laiena
So pretty in her Easter dress.

Uncle Luke, my little brother. His hair was cut the next day. : )
Proud Papa, my dad.
Watching the boys hunt for eggs.
What a sweet baby!

A glimpse of what was in the eggs.
Aunt Laiena, and Uncle Greg making sure everyone got their fair share of dollars.
Opening up all of the eggs. 
Hunter and Robert during the egg hunt.
All of the boys lined up waiting to be let loose, so they can hunt for some eggs!

My nephews Gaven and Robert swinging on the tire swing.

I'll post more pictures from our trip soon.


Erica said...

looks like you had a fun time! cute pics! :)

battenbloggin said...

I love the one of Luke holding her. She looks disgusted. I love all the pictures. She is really getting big...and wearing 12 months! Holy cow!

Krista said...

Like Steph, I love the one of Luke holding her. They both look so uncomfortable. And I love the one with your mom and Riley. And... I love them all!

It's a good thing I didn't buy her clothes a few months ago when I asked you what size she was wearing. I'd be returning them fo sho! Can't wait til August!

haiza said...

Peyton came up on a lot of goodies :) Looks like you guys had a blast! I love her bunny outfit.

hillary said...

cute and fun.