Tuesday, April 28, 2009

10 on tuesday!

1. I was going to just list 10 things that make Peyton cry, but I couldn't think of more than 5. I think that's pretty great. 

2. I'm sad that one of my favorite dresses Peyton has is stained. : ( Serves me right for not putting a bib on her.

3. I'm watching Jaida everyday this week because her mom got a job, and has orientation. Hooray!

4. During the weekends I wish Peyton was down to only one nap, but when Jaida is here I'm glad they still need two naps a day!

5. Yesterday I took the girls outside, and I realized our front yard is made up of more weeds than grass. sad, but true. It looks nice when it's first mowed. ha.

6. Every year we buy the dogs a new water "bowl". It's actually one of those metal drink buckets. This year Target had plastic ones, and they were 10 dollars cheaper than the metal ones so we bought it even though I was worried Digory would be able to dump it. Well, we've had it for 3 days, and he's already dumped it twice. ::sigh::

7. I wish my freezer made the crushed ice that Sonic has.

8. Is Tony Almata really bad? Is Jack Bauer going to die?

9. I love the warm weather, but I am so not looking forward to the disgusting humidity. 

10. You'd think I'd have a lot to say after not doing 10 on tuesday for a few weeks, but I don't.

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Erica said...

1. that really is awesome! she seems like such a good baby
2. that ALWAYS happens to me. then i think i'm silly that i get sad a piece of clothing is ruined, but it's true
3. yay! more money for you, right?
4. why does it seem like so much more time is wasted when they nap on the weekend as opposed to the week?
5. our front yard is the same way. i think it's alabama
6. are you gonna have to get the metal one anyways?
7. i don't know how many times i've made that same exact statement. no joke.
8. i haven't been keeping up with 24, but if the rumors i hear are true then both answers are yes
9. i wish the weather here stayed like this all summer (warm but not humid). after 2 summers i'm still not used to the humidity
10. i should try this sometime since i came up with 10 responses for you ;)