Wednesday, February 11, 2009

picture overload

I need some help with the family pictures. I'm not in love with any of them because of my chins, but such is life. Which group shots are your favorites? Click on the picture so you can see all the details.

What do you think of the processing on this picture? Too soft and faded or do you like it? I more of a color fan, but I don't know.
Yes, I know, you wish you had a baby that was as cute as mine, she is adorable. I love her little dimple!
These are always my favorite shots!

I love to give myself a little pinch while taking family photos, apparently. 


battenbloggin said...

I love the first one of the family where you're pinching yourself although Peyton looks like she's trying to keep her balance. I think the one of you guys on the bridge is awesome of you. Cory looks like he's staring off into the sunset. Peyton on the grass is adorable. I like the background of the first one but I think you should add the color to Peyton's clothes.

hillary said...

i liked them. agree with steph's paragraph. i like the ones of cory and pobs. love the leg pinch.

haiza said...

I'm all about the 2nd to last one. Also, I love the pic of cory kissing peyton.

Krista said...

Me gusta the last one. All of the ones of Peyton by herself are great, and I love you pinching yourself. I mean, it'd be rude not to.

Mommy and Daddy Ski said...

The pinching ones are the greatest. All of the Peyton picts are adorable! She is a cutie!

Holly said...

You do not have "chins" Kim! All of you look great in the family pics. Love the soft lighting of Peyton in the first just seems appropriate for a baby picture :)