Tuesday, February 24, 2009

10 on tuesday!

1. Here is Peyton with her "lovey". Cory and I take turns checking on Peyton when she sleeps with this bunny, and we both always come out saying "go look at her, she looks so cute", seriously like every time. 

2. I recently cleaned out Peyton's closet and put away the clothes that don't fit in storage. Cory thought it would be funny to pile the clothes on top of her and take a picture. Peyton's like, "very funny, dad". 

3.  No reason other than I have the cutest sleeping baby. : )

5. Don't stone me, but Peyton is watching Baby Einstein this very minute, and is totally smiling at the pictures of the babies. I have to find some way to blog, right? 

6. The hardest part about being a parent, at least this far, is having enough self control not to buy every stinkin' cute outfit I see for Peyton, and recently I've been wanting to buy every toy in the store. If I had money...

7. I'm totally in a camera funk, and haven't taken any pictures recently, besides of her sleeping. I think it's because I printed some pictures from our printer and I had so many favorites I didn't know which ones to print. I guess I thought I needed to take a break, so I could have time to enjoy the pictures I already have. Does that make sense? I try to bust out of the funk though because I know you guys like looking at picture.

8. I went on a walk with Peyton around our neighborhood yesterday and decided to run part of it. yikes. I am so out of shape. She had a great time.

9. April cannot come soon enough!

10. I feel like this one should be really good, but I've got nothing. This week has gone by so fast that I forgot it was time for 10 on tuesday until I read Steph's blog


CORY said...

anything that is a little weird you make sure to say that i was the one who did it. :P at least i dont fart on videos and decide not to post them.

Peyton's Pages said...

Oh you would. Well, at least I don't...I can't think of anything, but just you wait.

battenbloggin said...

No stoning here. I love Baby Einstein and the kids do too! I love the way her cheeks are all pink during her nap. So cute.

Carrie said...

Your daugher is cute too! I also have a hard time not buying every cute outfit I see :)