Thursday, February 19, 2009

I got nothing

I feel bad when I don't update everyday, but sometimes there isn't anything to write about. I haven't taken any pictures since saturday, so...

Oh, Peyton had prunes for the first time last night, and loved them. They looked nasty. So far she loves sweet potatoes, prunes, and likes bananas and carrots. She hated peas, but I think I quit too early, I think I'll try again next week. I was going to start making my own baby food, but I can't find the blade to my food grinder thing. What the heck, who loses the blade??? 

Also, my mom bought Peyton this bunny thing that has arms, a head, and then a blanket as a body, Peyton goes to sleep with it, and it's the cutest thing ever! I always take it out before I go to bed at night because I'm still scared she'll suffocate. One of these days I'll try to take a picture of her with it. Sometimes she'll have it tucked under her arm, or she'll be laying on the blanket part, or sometimes she's just holding the bunny's hand. love it. If she becomes super attached to it I hope we never lose it, because I don't think I can find another one.

Sorry these last few posts have been boring. 


battenbloggin said...

I actually enjoy every post, Kim. To me they aren't boring.

erica said...

hey kim! i made sean's baby food at home and in the beginning (when the food comes across as smooth) a blender works just as well as a food processor. you just have to "pulse" it so it doesn't get too watery, and add your water a little bit at a time until it's the texture you want. hope that will help! and i enjoy your posts too. maybe one day i'll make a blogger account ;)