Tuesday, September 18, 2012

ten on tuesday!

1. This morning I volunteered in the 2s class at our church. Noah has a little buddy in there that is 2 weeks younger than him, and its so cute watching them play.

2. We went apple picking this past Sunday, and had a great time. I've already made apple butter, and I'll probably make an apple pie tomorrow. We have a ton of apples, and a bunch of plums as well.

He's so cool!

3. I posted the pictures of our apple picking adventure on fb, but I'll post them tomorrow for you, Krista!

4. Here's Noah last year. :) He pretty much did the same thing this year, but was walking instead of crawling.

5. I feel like September has been dragging. Its been getting down into the 40s at night, so its cool in the morning, but our highs are still in the upper 80s. Saturday is supposed to be 91. I'm ready for cool afternoons, and the pumpkin patch! :)

6. We have some big chances happening soon though, so I don't want to wish these days away and have them go by too fast.

7. Peyton is loving school, and dance. She loves soccer practice, but can take or leave playing the games. Last week she was making shadow puppets while everyone else was running after the ball. ha. Her cute little team...

8. Noah loves cake. Tonight he asked for "cake sandwich". I love his little sentences. His new phrase is "how bout...." and then whatever it is he wants.

9. So happy that Parenthood is back on!

10. A couple of weeks ago we went to a reunion for Annie. It was lots of fun seeing so many of Annie's litter mates.

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