Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Noah is 2!

My little guy is 2! While others can't believe he is already2, I can! ha. I just feel like he has always been in our family. I hardly remember just having Peyton. He's also been a little slower to reach his milestones than Peyton has, so it doesn't really seem like he is growing up so fast. It might be a different story next year. Two is still so young. Three seems a lot older. 

Noah Thomas,
You definitely keep me on my toes! You are easily frustrated, but so determined! You are strong willed, and such a love bug! You can't be easily persuaded to do things or change your attitude unless a sweet treat is involved. ha. You love all your cars, trucks, planes, helicopters, tractors, and anything else with wheels and a motor. You are an excellent traveler. You love being in the car. You are pretty good about trying new foods. We've been trying open cups, but you think its pretty funny when it spills. Though you have shown some signs of potty training readiness we are going to hold off on that for a while. You still use your pacifier, that you affectionally call your "wa-woe", during nap time and bedtime.  You love to be covered up with a blanket, but you don't like your feet to get stuck. If you had your way you would never wear clothes, clip your nails, or brush your teeth or hair. You do love baths though! You are a happy guy in the water! You love swimming! You show no fear, and wish you didn't have to wear a puddle jumper. I love that you love to snuggle with me on the couch, and that you always want my attention so you can tell me something funny you saw on tv or a cool vehicle that passed us while we were in the car. I love when you sing, and ask me to turn the music up. I love your side stepping dance move, and the way you run sideways. I love that when you do something you think if fun or cool you want Peyton to do it too. You are such an animal lover. You are such a special little guy. Strangers always comment on how adorable you are. The teachers at church love you! I'm so looking forward to watching you grow, and seeing where your hard work and determination takes you!  I love you so much, and am so thankful that I get to be your mom!

We had a small birthday party with my parents, aunt, uncle and cousins. My parents rented a jolly jumper, and the kids had a blast!

I usually do cupcakes because they're easier to serve, but I decided to make a cake this time. Kind of ghetto, but Noah liked it!

I love that he has an airplane in one hand, and a helicopter in the other. He knew exactly what to do to his candles!

Hours of work! ha.

Love his little face in this one. So excited to open his presents!

Noah is not a fan of getting his picture taken, but I did manage to snag a handful that I like.

So handsome!

He looves this tractor that my dad got him. He wouldn't let anyone touch it. 

We got home from my parents' house at the same time as our next door neighbor, so the kids ran over there to say hi. When they asked Noah if it was his birthday he did a little jump, and shouted,"cake!" :) I think he had a good birthday!


Steph said...

Happy Birthday, big guy! Great pictures! I can't beleive he is two already and growing so fast. What a cute kid!

The Stachurskis said...

So awesome Kim! I can't believe he's two either! Why does it go by so fast?! You are doing an amazing job as a momma,those kids are geniuses.