Tuesday, June 12, 2012

ten on tuesday

1. Summer is the best!

2. I went in the house to grab their suits...

who needs 'em?

3. He always dumps the entire bucket

4. Peyton still loves to pretend to be a dog. She has started wearing socks on her hands, and declaring them her paws. Also, please note the lack of pants she is wearing. I bought her some new underwear, she had been "waiting her whole life for underwear that looked like that", and she said they were too pretty to wear pants.

5. We cannot keep Annie out of the water. Super fun when we are all outside, not so much when she comes barreling in the house and jumps on you.

6. Annie is finally housebroken. Hooray! I guess it's been about a week now. I am so thankfully because I can't take dog accidents in the house. I was about to lose my mind. She did so awesome when we first brought her home, so I was very discouraged when a few days later she started having multiple accidents a day. She would go outside in the morning pee, and then come inside and pee again two seconds later. wth! More info than I'm sure you wanted to know, but there isn't a whole lot to blog about these days. :)

7. Oh, and if you're wondering why there are so many pictures of Noah without his glasses it's because Annie ate them. You can guess who was home during that time, and who found them when they returned. His new glasses should be in any day. I'm not sure how his vision is, but he is doing a great job at keeping his eye straight.

8. Ice cream cone!

9. Did you notice that I cut Peyton's hair? I know a lot of people loved her long hair, but I love short hair(just a little above the shoulders) on little girls. Cory really likes it too. I cut it right after our camping trip, and it is sooo much easier to take care of. She didn't mind me putting it in braids and pigtails, but she hated getting it brushed. She ran to the bathroom mirror as soon as I was done to make sure it didn't turn brown like Rapunzel's. :)

10. The kids had their first swim lessons today. Noah did not enjoy himself. Total bummer since he loves the pool, but I expected it. He does not take to strangers at all. Peyton loves anyone, so she ate up the attention. She would've rather had a conversation, and showed off her tricks instead of going underwater and floating on her back, but she did what was asked of her even though she didn't want to. I'm very proud of her. I thought she was going to flip out when she had to go under, but no tears were shed. I really hope Noah warms up to the instructor, and Peyton gets over her fear of going underwater. I'd love for them to both be swimming this summer!

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Holly said...

Noah is so much a stud. He is just adorable! And Peyton is as always beautiful and is growing so much! Love the photo of them lounging in the pool...so sweet. And Annie is precious! Wish I could hug her and the babies and you guys!