Wednesday, June 27, 2012

GG came to town

We had an awesome visit with Cory's mom.

The first night she was here we played in the backyard.

Day #2 we went swimming, but I didn't take any pictures. :(

Day #3 we went downtown did a little shopping, ate lunch at Costa Vida, and then saw the movie Brave.

Trying on sunglasses at urban outfitters

"Swimming" with the jellyfish at anthropologie

Chilling at lunch

Sitting in one of the car video games at the theatre. He would have happily sat there all day.

Movie time!

Playing in the fountain downtown

Sitting in the big kid part of our sit and stand

Day #4 Roaring Springs ! This was my favorite day. I love water parks.

such a big kid standing in line and going down the slide all by herself!

we had to bribe her to try it, but once she gave it a go she loved it and was very sad to leave.

I know Noah looks terrified, but he absolutely loved everything about the water park!

Day #5 After church, lunch, making cupcakes, and nap time we headed to wahooz.

GG made the best roast beef sandwiches and potato salad as well as some yummu cupcakes.

miniature golf at wahooz. the kids did great... for the first 5 holes. :)

 GG, Cory and Peyton headed over the bumper boats while Noah and I watched the go-karts. He would have been perfectly happy doing this all evening.

We also played games, rode the go-karts, and the kids played in the little playground thing they had inside. Lots of fun!

Day #6 Zoo day!

We got to pet a baby skunk!

I thought it was really cute!

We also got to pet a giant rabbit.

Peyton's favorite animal... she has this new weird obsession with dead things.

Noah loves the elephants that spray out water.

The giraffe slide is always a favorite.

The goats are Noah's most favorite thing at the zoo.

The butterfly encounter is so cool! The butterflies loved GG!

Thanks for coming to visit, GG!

Fierce ninjas!


Steph said...

Looks like you guys had a really great time! I love the last picture. Fierce ninjas!

Holly said...

I know I'm bombarding you with comments...hehe. You guys did so much with GiGi there. So fun! My favorite picture has to be the one of Noah group hugging the goats. You can totally feel the love and the goats look so content and like they're soaking it in. lol That baby skunk is cuuuuute. I also love the picture of Julie and Peyton holding hands and shopping..too cute.

Peyton's Pages said...

Holly, keep the comments coming! It helps me know people are actually reading this thing.