Tuesday, March 13, 2012

ten on tuesday!

. I have no blogging motivation. I have a ton of February pictures to share, but I don't have the motivation to edit them.

2. It's raining today, lots of rainy days in the forecast this week, and into next.

3. I'm pretty sure Noah is getting his "2 year" molars. At least I hope that is why he has been so cranky.

4. Draw something is my new addiction. So fun! Candace's pictures always make me laugh, and I'm always impressed with Momma K's.

5. I went to Gap today with a $150 credit, and still managed to go over $100. Now I have to look through all the clothes, and decide what to take back.

6. Noah is obsessed with cars and trains as much as Peyton was obsessed with being an animal and changing her name.

7. We almost got a puppy. Well, Cory almost went to look at a potential puppy. Our family needs, and at the same time definitely doesn't need a puppy. ha.  I think I've forgotten how much work a puppy is, so I have major puppy fever. The kids sure would love having one, especially Noah.

8. This is my life... almost all day, every day.

9. How about an encore

10. Her hair is getting so long! She is not a fan of getting it brushed though. We're going to get it cut after her dance recital.


candace said...

I'm glad my pictures make you laugh and I couldn't agree more with Mamma K's drawings. She's like an artist probably. I enjoyed watching the videos of the little guys. They are so cute, even though Noah was a little cranky.

Holly said...

I know you miss this saying: Bless his heart! (I had to say it for poor Noah!) And Peyton is seriously a good little singer! And congrats to Cory!