Tuesday, January 10, 2012

ten on tuesday!

1. We moved into our new house last week.

2. We got a new car.

3. Peyton moved down to the 2&3 year old class instead of being the only 3 year old in the 3&4 year old class today. Her teacher said she did awesome. 

4. It snowed today, but didn't stick. 

5. I have a handful of goals for this year, but I've decided not to share them unless I accomplish them. ha.

6. January usually feels like such a long month, but these past 10 days have flown by.

7. I have major puppy fever. So bad that I'd even settle for a cat. A cat will never happen though. We can't get a dog until we rid our backyard of goat heads.

8. Our backyard is huge!

9. Yesterday I went grocery shopping. Noah wanted apples, and Peyton wanted every sweet treat she saw. I'm sure if Noah had more words he would have asked for more than apples. :) Apple is Noah's newest word. 

10. Neighbor spying, totally encouraged by me. :)


Holly said...

I want to see pics of the new house! I'm updating my blog now so you have to do that favor for me. ;) Love the neighbor spying pic. hahah

Peyton's Pages said...

haha! deal!

Krista said...

If you get a cat, we will never be able to spend time together in your house because my throat will swell up and I'll die, and that would be the most horrible vacation ever.

I'm so glad moving down a class was a good move for little Pobs! It's hard being the youngest kid in class, and even though she's probably the oldest now, that's a really good thing because she'll be able to be on track with kids who are at the same place as her mentally.

I love your son's HP glasses, and I love that his vocab is growing!

Can't wait to chat with you guys tomorrow, or as Peyton says, "I want to talk for a long time." :)

Peyton's Pages said...

There are actually quite a few other 3 years old in this class so it's great, and the moms seem nicer. :)

Hillary said...

why are there goat heads in the backyard?

Peyton's Pages said...

They're weeds, stickers.

Steph said...

Never settle for a cat.